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14E Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

o served as the BDE RTO during the deployment

14J Air Defense Tactical Operations Center Operator/Maintainer

Sentinel Radar Operator

o performed 100 hours of maintenance on the Forward Area Air Defense (FAAD), the Joint Range Extension (JRE), and generators

o ensured that all personnel and sensitive items were accounted for at multiple forward operating bases across Iraq

o rescued mission and achieved 90% operational readiness after 8 hours of troubleshooting of the FAAD, JRE and the clearing of several faults

o integral member of top Sentinel Radar team during post mobilization training

o demonstrated great ability in identifying enemy combative and eliminating them, saving not only himself but his fellow soldiers as well

o participated in all aspects of daily operations and was a key part of the Sentinel Team and a 99.5% operational readiness rate during deployment


o performed above expectations in a high ops tempo environment during Exercise American Shield 2011

o served as a valued member of the Quick Reaction Force patrolling Darulaman, Afghanistan during his Camp Dubs deployment and contributed to the continued safety of the operation headquarters

o provided company SHARP representatives the guidance for standard bulletin boards, security protocols and training material

o selected from among peers to represent the JADOC FAAD EO position during the Rehearsal of Concept drill

o his expertise with communications systems ensured that the platoon was constantly able to communicate with the TOC

Assistant Operations

o authored and implemented the first battle space deconfliction and Air Mission Request SOPs for 4TH BCT BAE/ADAM cell; adopted as a RC-W standard

o succesfully implemented a post redeployment C2 proficiency training program for AGI cell; greatly enhancing the cells war fighting capabilities

o continually sought out by seniors, peers and subordinates for technical and tactical expertise

14M Man Portable Air Defense System Crew Member

o highest scorer in aircraft identification

o only section member knowledgeable on IFF Mode 4 and 5 set up

14S Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Crewmember

o dedication, hard work, and decisive leadership successfully led 3 firing crews to qualify during three live fire exercises

o worked tirelessly with the communications section on every Avenger vehicle in the platoon to update and troubleshoot a patch for the EPLRS

o instructed crews on operation and maintenance of the EPLRS system and radios during AWTs

o fired over 6,000 rounds during several ranges accurately and safely; supported multiple coalition forces during their certifications

o his experience enabled support of Charlie Battery's firing 120 rockets during four live fire exercises

o due to their reliability, his platoon was chosen to participate in the most number of fire missions during two AWSS exercises

o stepped up and became ammo team chief for another section when theirs went down due to injury

o volunteered during weapons and mask draw to accurately disseminate required equipment for ranges and AWTs

14T PATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

Squad Leader

trained and Table VIII certified 2 equipment crew for march order and emplacement with both crew receiving superior ratings

Patriot Launcher crewmember enhanced maintainer operator

o operated GMT crane perfectly with no points deducted during best reload crew competition for crane and missile movement

14Z Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Senior Sergeant

o selected to serve as the senior fire support representative in the SOTF Tactical Operations Center

o tracked, controlled, and managed fire support assets required for SOTF operations; improved coordination and operations

o led the 2/120th FA through an arduous Field Artillery reset training program, resulting in increased readiness

o filtered and relayed time-sensitive information to provide information necessary for immediate Command and Control and fire support

o developed a training plan that leveraged instructional assistance from the Regional Training Institute and the organic unit leadership

o ensured the Commander had constant, pertinent, and actionable information immediately upon request

o managed all day-to-day operations for the battalion's armory and its NCOs and Officers

o his preparation and planning was key to the success of JCS exercise Cobra Gold 2013

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